What Is Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning is a Environmental friendly cleaning, professional,nontoxic method of cleaning clothes. Unlike conventional dry cleaning, which uses chemical solvents to clean clothes, wet cleaning technologies are water-based.

Is Wet Cleaning a substitute for Dry Cleaning?

Cleaners using state-of-the-art wet cleaning technologies are able to clean at least 30 percent and up to 100 percent of all garments that are typically dry cleaned. Studies underway will help to better determine the percentage of clothes that can feasibly be wet cleaned. As the technology matures, that number will continue to rise.

Does Wet Cleaning Involve Laundering and Hand Washing?

For years, professional cleaners have been using methods such as conventional laundering and hand washing in addition to dry cleaning. While these processes are both water-based and require cleaners to know which fabrics need special treatment, they are not the same as wet cleaning. Laundering uses standard washing and drying machines to clean certain nondelicate garments that normally would NOT be dry cleaned, such as cotton slacks and shirts. Hand washing is laborintensive and therefore limited to the most delicate garments such as silk and dyed fabrics. Machine wet cleaning, on the other hand, is an environmentally-friendly, high-volume method of cleaning clothes that would typically be dry cleaned.

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